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The Ogden Sunseteers’ Annual Report to Congress is available. Note that the average wait from Form 211 to payout is 3,229 days; that’s eight years ten months (count ’em, eight years ten months) to pay. And the number of actual payouts amount to 5% of total 211s handled.

Of course Chief Whistler Lee D. Martin (a delightful luncheon companion) laments that “… as the Tax Court has noted, whistleblowers submit numerous claims based entirely on publicly available information—some whistleblowers have submitted hundreds of such claims. To date, the Whistleblower Office has sought to process and respond to all claims filed by whistleblowers. While it will continue to do so, the Whistleblower Office will also continue to look for ways to address duplicative or non-meritorious claims in a summary fashion, both to focus its administrative resources better and to guard against the unnecessary or inadvertent disclosure of confidential taxpayer return information.” Report, at pp. 12-13.

I can’t cite just now to the relevant cases, as DAWSON prevents that. But serial blowers do clog the road to riches.

And the Chief Whistler points with pride to the new hook-up with the Alcohol and Tobacco revenooers. Of course, the Sunseteers went teletubby on account of Corona (the virus, not the beer).

Check out the report before you break out the Champagne.


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