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Again the late Sir George Harrison’s 1963 performance echoes through the closed corridors of The Glasshouse in the Artificial City, this time through a video buried in the depths of the Tax Court website. Matroshka-like in the depths of this tour is found the disclosure that Dawson’s Creek will permit the electronic filing of petitions (and perhaps even amendments and ratifications). Rule 34 lives!

Apparently also comments on this new, improved, handy-dandy case management system were taken from practitioners, but which practitioners, and how they were selected, remains locked in the impenetrable fastnesses of the Tax Court elect, whomever they may be.

Proles like me are clearly out of it.

And designated orders are to go extinct December 28, or whenever Dawson’s Creek flows unvexed to wherever it’s going. The new régime will supposedly list the number of pages in each order; this will enable the reader to choose the important ones. If the number of pages in a document is a criterion of significance, then Fifty Shades of Grey eclipses all Four Gospels.

Finally, it seems that the current three-buck ticket to all documents for the public ends when Dawson’s Creek is revealed. One can only get them if party or attorney of record, once again slamming the doors shut on the public for whom Congress manifested such solicitude in Section 7461.

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