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While Dawson’s Creek rolls like the Jordan over Tax Court, Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley nowise treats this enforced cessation of electronic publication as an excuse for sloth.

Today he and his general staff remedy the third-party document subpoena problem that judge James S (“Big Jim”) Halpern raised back in October. See my blogpost “The Blatant Subpoena,” 10/1/20.

Y’all will recall that the August 6 press release seemed to open a 14-day period for gaming Tax Court discovery rules by playing with third-party document subpoenas. Judge Big Jim dealt with this in my blogpost aforementioned, but there apparently remained enough windage for the odd blowback.

So today Ch J Mighty Mo goes the press release route.

Now I know these are all some temporary fixes during COVID-19, and will go away (supposedly) when the world is free.

But why wait until then to harmonize Tax Court Rules with the FRCP?

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