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The State of Wisconsin Investment Board, Transferee, Docket No. 26867-08, filed 8/24/20, may have transferee liability for the Shockley Broadcasters’ give-and-go with Midcoast, but they go down fighting over prenotice interest.

Their reconsideration request is too late and too prejudicial “… to the Court, to respondent, and to other transferees whose liability has been determined under T. C. Memo 2016-08, filed four years before our opinion in this case.” Order, at p. 2.

The cited T. C. Memo., which I didn’t blog, was a supplement to one I did blog. See my blogpost “Gude Faith, He Maun Fa’ That,” 6/22/15. And I did blog its successor; see my blogpost “Bad Faith, He Maun Definitely Fa’ That,” 1/13/20.

The Investors should have heeded the words of their State song, and “Fight! Fellows! Fight!” Only a lot sooner.






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