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Everything West of the Hudson Is Kansas

It’s been a while since I’ve gone geographical on this my blog, but with Christmas cheer lingering on, I turn to Phil W. Baxter & Betty C. Baxter, Docket No. 22250-19, filed 12/26/19.

See my blogpost “Everything West of the Hudson Is Kansas,” 7/5/17.

Phil & Betty never filed Form 5, Request for Place of Trial with their petition, a common omission that lately necessitates more than one-third of the Court’s orders, sending non-filers (of Form 5) hither and thither to try their cases at what Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley thinks is the most convenient venue.

Given the volume of such orders, it’s not surprising that Phil & Betty are sent off to “Nashville, TX” [sic] to seek redress for their grievances.

Unfortunately, unless the list in Rev. 9/10 of Form 5 has been amended and the amendment not yet made it onto the forms page of the USTC website, Tax Court does not sit in Nashville, TX, which my informant tells me is a/k/a Nashville-on-the-Brazos, in Milam County, TX. I am also informed that Nashville, TX is now a ghost town.

Some litigants might prefer such a locale, but I expect that Phil & Betty would prefer Nashville, TN. Better options for coffee and doughnuts on the morning of calendar call in Opryland.

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