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Back on 9/19/19, I wrote “Judge Kerrigan’s solution just might be something for you to think about,” when dealing with protective orders to keep your clients’ customers’ names and the terms of their deals from prying eyes…including among themselves. See my blogpost “Contents of Contracts,” 9/19/19.

Well, today (12/23/19), in Mahaffey Tent & Awning Co., Inc., et al., Docket No.5061-17, filed 12/23/19, IRS gets another nudge to follow Judge Kerrigan’s advice.

IRS wants to contact eleven (count ‘em, eleven) of Mahaffey’s customers for a wee chat before a stenographer. And IRS lists said customers in an exhibit to its motion.

Judge Kerrigan orders the motion sealed, and bounces the motion. But IRS can, if it wishes, file a redacted motion, using only internal identifying numbers that Mahaffey uses for its customers.

And Mahaffey gets a protective order that IRS must “…use petitioner’s internal customer numbers in lieu of identifying information and not include customer contracts in any Court filed document.” Order, at p. 2.

A hint before Tax Court shuts down for Christmas, and I do likewise.

Best holiday wishes to all. Back on December 26.

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