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I’ve quoted 2 Samuel 1:20 often enough so that y’all can recite it in unison, like the verses my daughters intoned in their schooldays. But though scholars over the millennia have located the original Gath on more tells than a poker game, we find it migrated to the Internet, whence come all things to be registered. Here’s John Horner, Docket No. 15601-17L, filed 6/25/19.

John had no return for the year at issue, but three (count ‘em, three) 1099-MISCs, aggregating about $33K. Plus affidavits from responsible officers of John’s customers. Plus copies of canceled checks that John signed.

John gets a CDP, with a chance to challenge the SFR that IRS bestowed upon him, the 1099s, and anything else he can suggest, like collection alternatives.

John says, “I don’t make an income.” Order, at p. 4. Plus the State of NV granted him a tax exemption (from what tax not stated), and IRS gave him an EIN.

But IRS presents The Judge With a Heart, STJ Robt N Armen, with what shows that John has quite a business. Here’s just a sample of what John has told in CyberGath, and shouted in the tents of the Internet.

“Hello! My name is John Horner. My dad and I started this company in 1995 with a lot of firm convictions. Both of us having much experience in the trucking and moving industry, we decided that we could build a company on complete Christian integrity and reasonable prices. We have been the exclusive Kansas City Mover for the Bryan Cave Law Firm (which is in the top 35 law firms in the world) since the year 2000.” Order, at p. 6.

There’s a lot more, but I’ll spare you.

Needless to say, there’s a 1099-MISC from Bryan Cave.

And we can stop here.


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