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I headed down to 26 Federal Plaza on this U. S. Minor Outlying Island this morning. I was suffering an extreme case of Blogger’s Withdrawal during the record-breaking shutdown. Tax Court’s website said Our Fair City would host a calendar call, and my reportorial instincts told me there might be blogfodder here.

Well, there were the volunteers from the New York County Lawyers’ Association’s Calendar Call, trying to help the self-representeds; IRS had counsel working, and STJ Daniel A (“Yuda”) Guy  was on the bench, with his trial clerk close at hand.

I heard through the grapevine that true emergencies are being addressed, even as IRS and Tax Court are handcuffed as to personnel. IRS managers are stepping up, I am told.

One certainly hopes the current emergency is swiftly abated.

I will say nothing more here. My views on the current record-breaking shutdown are extensively stated elsewhere.

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