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To the best of my admittedly-imperfect memory, the flailing datestampers and hard-laboring clerks at The Glasshouse in Shutdown City have today set a record they’ll be hard-pressed to equal, much less excel.

They’ve managed to put up 260 (count ‘em, 260) orders today, and three (count ‘em, three) are designated hitters off-the-bench from STJ Lewis (“Ya Can’t Shut That Name Down”) Carluzzo.

Apparently they pushed long and hard to clear the clichés before “the long winter’s nap” that faces The Land of the Free.

STJ Lew’s cases are two duplicates of the old “delegation of authority to sign a SNOD” variety, and the last is an OIC that gets bounced (and there are no “preliminary” bounces).

But STJ Lew has some useful advice for the few going to court despite the shutdown.

Here’s Khadidiatou Donatelli Neumann, Docket No. 979-18S, filed 12/28/18. Khadid is bound for LA in a couple weeks (hi, Judge Holmes, enjoy the break), and STJ Lew hands out a handy hint.

“To avoid potential complications caused by the partial government shutdown, it is ORDERED that a paper copy of any document submitted to the Court for filing, either electronically or in paper, between the date of this Order and the date of the above-referenced trial session, shall be made available at the trial session by the party who submitted the document.” Order, at p. 1.

Even the electrons may be shut down.

In any case, I wish all my readers a very happy new calendar year. I’ll see all y’all when The Glasshouse is back in action.

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