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Frankie Laine’s and Nat King Cole’s hit vehicle from the early Nineteen-Fifties provide a background to a rather more direct requirement from the wordprocessor of His Honor Big Julie, Judge Julian I Jacobs, hereinafter sometimes referred to as HHBJJJIJ.

There are six (count ‘em, six) conjoined designated hitters, to show HHBJJJIJ means business. I’ll pick Howard N. Abrahams & Miriam Abrahams, et al., Docket No. 19353-15, filed 8/21/18, as an exemplar.

This is a motion by IRS to compel responses to interrogatories, which IRS claims it needs “…to prepare a timely defense against the contentions of petitioners and that petitioners’ failure to answer these interrogatories frustrates compliance with Tax Court 91 [sic; presumably Rule 91], which requires the parties to stipulate all relevant facts and documents.” Order, at p. 2.

Trial is set for October, but back two years ago IRS tried for a phoneathon with counsel for Howard & Miriam and the als, to get answers to the questions aforesaid. What they got was a motion for continuance (to which IRS agreed), but no answers.

HHBJJJIJ told the parties in June to get discovery over by July 31. Said counsel asked for more time the day before.

So IRS moved as aforesaid, and counsel objects.

HHBJJJIJ orders counsel to answer by month’s end, and if not, stand by for sanctions.


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