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Electronic filers get that way by applying for and obtaining a user name and password. One must be either a practitioner (attorney or USTCP) or a petitioner.

An attorney I’ll refer to as Matty wanted to jump the queue. Perhaps he was in a hurry, or perplexed by the Captcha diagrams.

Well, this doesn’t fly when Matty wants to join (or maybe supersede) the attorney who signed the petition, whom I’ll refer to as Hank.

The case is Grace & Co., Inc., Docket No. 13038-18, filed 7/6/18. The Judge is Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley.

“…the petition commencing the above-docketed matter was filed on behalf of petitioner by counsel [Hank]. In so filing and by means of counsel’s signature on the petition, [Hank] thereby entered an appearance in this case. Thereafter, a separate entry of appearance reflecting [Matty] was filed … using [Hank]’s electronic access code. Such entry of appearance was thus reflected on the docket record as an entry of appearance by [Hank], a moot action.” Order, at p. 1.

Maybe duplicative, Ch J, but I’m not sure it was “moot.” Howbeit, Matty gets sent off. His attempted entry of appearance gets stricken.

“[Matty] is advised that if he wishes to enter an appearances as counsel for petitioner in this case, [Matty] must electronically file such entry of appearance not using the electronic access code issued to [Hank] or other such practitioner.” Order, at p. 1.

I note that Matty is quick off the mark, as he files a proper entry of appearance in his own name at once.

But spare yourself the trouble, practitioners. Don’t share access codes.

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