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Travis (“Surge”) Sanders may be gone from this vail of tears, but his soul goes marching on. At the behest of 11 Cir, Judge Kerrigan takes up the march in Estate of Travis L. Sanders, Deceased, Thomas S. Hogan, Jr., Personal Representative, Petitioner, and the Government of The United States Virgin Islands, Intervenor, 2018 T. C. Memo. 104, filed 7/5/18.

You may not immediately recollect the story of the late Travis, so scope out my blogposts “He Married a Virgin,” 1/29/15, and “Maybe Not So Virgin,” 2/7/17.

So Judge Kerrigan falls in and marches through the four (count ’em, four) categories and 11 (count ‘em, 11) factors of the Sochurek-Vento factorial concatenation.

Though peripatetic when it came to business (the late Travis visited Antigua, Guadalupe, and Mebus [sic], 2018 T. C. Memo. 104, at p. 14; ya sure it was “Mebus,” Judge, and not Nevis? I’ve kicked around the Caribbean a trifle these last forty-five years or so, and been to Antigua, Guadalupe and Nevis, but never to Mebus), the late Travis was firmly ensconced on his two-story, five (count ‘em, five) bedroom yacht in the American Yacht Basin. He had his VI Humane Society membership card, drivers’ license, VI checkbooks, and marriage certificate clenched firmly in his grasp.

Except for one of the three years at issue, when he spent only eight days in Our Insolvent Island in the Sun. That earns his estate a six-figure slam by way of deficiency (SOL off the table, as the late Travis wasn’t a bona fide Virgin Islander that year), plus another quarter-mil in chops.

I note the late Travis’ dreamboat boasted “…two stories and had a full kitchen, a second, smaller kitchen on the second floor, an elevator, five bedrooms including a master suite, and hardwood floors.” 2018 T. C. Memo. 104, at pp. 14-15. And all this was insured for a mere $300K.

Well, as I said in an earlier blogpost “Your Money or Your Life,” 1/10/13, “That must explain my career; I never had a boat.”

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