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No, this isn’t about a remonstrance or rebuke from a disappointed reader, or worse, a disappointed client. Rather, it is an expression of sorrow that CSTJ Lewis (“Spelling Conquers All”) Carluzzo has deserted the cause of grammatical rectitude, and joined Judges Homes and Goeke in Tax Court’s War on the Partitive Genitive.

See my blogpost “Tax Court’s War on the Partitive Genitive,” 1/3/14.

Here’s Robin Elaine Fuller, Docket No. 14627-17S, filed 5/21/18, an off-the-bench designated hitter, but it isn’t really about Robin’s deductions, disallowed though they are.

Here’s the story, at Transcript, at p. 4: “…petitioner was entitled to, and did, work from home a couple days a week.”

Oh, CSTJ Lew, how could you?

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