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Sometimes the weight of the silt he stirs, to say nothing of writing like a human being, overtaxes the patience of The Great Dissenter/ Concurrer, Judge Mark V. Holmes.

Another leftover from the now-historical Virginity (Islanders) unguided Congressional largesse has reduced Judge Holmes to asking the parties to help him out.

Here’s Carrie L. Smith, Docket No. 19444-12, filed 2/2/18. Apparently Groundhog Day has so diverted the Glasshouse Gang that neither opinion nor designated hitter appeared.

Carrie was waiting for Coffey to be decided. Well, Judge Holmes got that one off the plate on Tuesday last; see my blogpost “Another Non-Virgin,” 1/30/18.

So Judge Holmes had a phoneathon with all parties, and tells them to “…file a status report suggesting how to bring this case to a conclusion, perhaps by cross-motions for summary judgment or trial on the residency issue or a stipulation to be bound by any final nonappealable decisions in the Coffey cases.” Order, at p. 1.

The immortal Estelle Reiner line from the 1989 comedy When Harry Met Sally immediately comes to mind.

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