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Was it the Celtic Druids who believed in vast centers of energy radiating to the earth from some distant point in space? Did aliens build the pyramids? Did Thor Hyerdahl’s great-great-to-the –nth-grandfather erect the stone heads of Easter Island?

Or is this part of our planet in the center of a great cloud of entropy, brainlessness, infantilism, toddling like some ill-bred threenager toward utter collapse? And is Our Nation’s Capital at the very center, ground zero, of this cloud?

I don’t mean Congress, or the Executive. This remains steadfastly a nonpolitical blog.

But His Honor Big Julie Judge Julian I Jacobs (hereinafter ”HHBJJJIJ”) has designated something that makes me tremble.

Here’s part of a coupled entry, Herbert Hirsch & Bonita Hirsch, et al. Docket No. 28898-10, filed 1/10/18. I can’t paraphrase, so here’s the entire thing.

“…petitioner filed a Motion for Partial Summary Judgment, and an accompanying Motion for Leave to File Conventionally Fix Exhibits to Motion for Summary Judgment. In the Motion for Leave to File Conventionally File Exhibits to the Partial Motion for Summary Judgment petitioner states that the pending motion for partial summary judgment has 31 exhibits and a declaration attached thereto. The exhibits consists of 492 pages, well over the 200 page limit for electronically filing. The Court does not have a page limit for electronically filing.” Order, at p.1.

Leaving aside the questions of what it is, or how to, “fix” exhibits conventionally, does the Court have, or has it not, a page limit for filing exhibits, whether electronically, “conventionally” (whatever that means; I presume in paper format), or otherwise?

HHBJJJIJ seems to think there is, because he denies the motion. So petitioner must file electronically, even if Court rules forbid it.

Yes, Washington, D. C. does seem to be the center.

Thanks for designating this one, Judge. I’m so zonked out with the flu, and last night in the ER getting my face stitched back together after a ridiculous but nasty fall, that I might have missed this gem.


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