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It is near enough four years since I posted the following on 1/16/14. The battle continues.

“This is not a post about tax. It’s about something more important. A Federal Appeals Court has struck down FCC’s rule on net neutrality. Net neutrality means every ISP has to send along traffic at the same rate: it can’t speed up its friends and slow down whomever it doesn’t like.

“Now I’ve said before this is not a political blog. But this post is off-topic for a reason: the Internet is the poor peoples’ press. This is how one person can take on the corporate Goliaths and the malefactors of great wealth.

“If Verizon (of which I am a subscriber and through which this blogpost will go), can effectively shut me down by slowing my transmissions, should I have the temerity to say anything that offends some unretired vice-president or his/her political bedfellows, or even the government of the United States of America, then I am through.

“And so is the freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

“The late Frederick W. Friendly, an exemplar of broadcast journalistic integrity, once asked what would happen were there only three great printing presses in the country: would free speech and a free press survive?

“His answer was to promote independent television networks, and the product was the Public Broadcasting Corporation, which survives despite the efforts to stifle it.

“Now we have the internet, the greatest tool for free speech and a free press since the invention of writing.

“No corporation, no individual, no one, repeat no one, has the right to suppress it.”

The foregoing notwithstanding, the current Federal Communications Commissions is about to vote to suppress neutrality and sell the internet to the highest bidder.

I urge my readers, and anyone whom they can influence, to resist this. Those who do not defend their rights and liberties lose them. Default is not an option.


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