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After launching three (count ‘em, three) full-dress T. C.s and two T. C. Memos yesterday, The Glasshouse Gang closes the silos today, with no opinions or designated hitters.

Just as well, because I had to burn the midnight cliché to blog the T. C.s, and left the T. C. Memos alone. Of the latter, only one was amusing, but it was a many-times-told tale.

So I anticipated a useless inspection of the Tax Court website today, in search of hot blogfodder.

But Ch J L Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel did not disappoint this humble blogger.

Yadira Campos, Docket No. 20934-17, filed 10/11/17, is, I daresay, unique.

Ch J Iron Fist tells Yadira to file an amended petition. So what else is new, you will ask. There are usually forty of those orders every working day at 400 Second Street, NW.

Well, Yadira’s petition is something special. Or rather, was.

“Although petitioner filled out and signed the Petition and Request for Place of Trial, their written statements on the petition and their signatures on both documents are no longer visible because they were apparently obliterated through the irradiation process. Due to inadvertent clerical error, the Order directing the filing of an Amended Petition was not issued.” Order, at p. 1.

If you don’t agree with your adversary’s pleadings, nuke ‘em. Tax Court’s mail gets routinely irradiated.

So what should Yadira do? Can she “be ready” to deal with the nuclear threat?

Ch J Iron Fist directs Yadira to arm herself to resist the nuclear threat from The City That L’Enfant Built.

“…the Court will direct petitioner to file an amended petition signed by petitioner, preferably using an ink pen that is resistant to irradiation.” Order, at p. 1.

Great advice. Everybody should get one.

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