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A Minor Rant

As all y’all well know, the next United States Tax Court Judicial Conference (sometimes hereinafter referred to as “The Chicago Jamboree” or “Tango Charley Juliet”) will take place from and including March 26 to and including March 28, 2018, in obeisance to the new Section 7470A. Be prepared to ante up an estimated $450 cover charge, plus room and board in the vicinity of the Pritzker School of Law at Northwestern University, if you want in, and get your application in prontito.

I’ve got my application in, but the title of this blogpost derives from the fact that the United States Tax Court has no press office, no press officer, and will not issue press passes for Tango Charley Juliet.

So I’m depressed. I have no press pass.

The application, as all y’all who’ve applied have noticed, has a check-the-box for “Press.” Exactly what that confers upon any who checks it is a wee bit unclear. I did get a reminder from one of the organizing squad that panel statements and discussions were on the record, but cocktail and dinner chats were not for attribution. I took that to mean “deep background,” just like last time.

So if I make the cut for The Chicago Jamboree, I’ll just be me, not the (credentialed) press.

Now you may say that as a solo blogger, a beaten-down, beaten-up, old-time single-shingle, “general practitioner with very limited experience and mediocre qualifications,” as a much better writer than I put it, should hardly presume to demand equal treatment with the dispensers of paper and broadcast whose names are household words and whose exhalations provoke twitterstorms.

Well, maybe so.

But here’s a snippet from my blogpost “Je Suis Charlie,” 1/9/15, arising out of a minor massacre in Paris, by no means on a par with what happens here every day.

“I am a journalist. The Cyber Age has made every blogger a journalist, quite as much as our colleagues of the hard copy and radio/television. Without meaning to boast, this blog has been read in over 130 countries, commonwealths, dependencies, trust territories and all like that. And these blogposts have been read more than 42,000 times in the three years of this blog’s existence.”

United States Tax Court, hand out that pass.

  1. There is such a great quantity of federal entities in Washington, being the federal center, that credentialling by each entity becomes impossible for the generalist journalist (or even a specialist journalist like yourself.) A well known citywide credential (much like the citywide shield-shaped credential in NYC issued by the NYC Police Dapartment) is the credential provided by the U.S. Senate News Galleries, easily found by using the same name with a search engine. As keys to the kingdom, that credential is honored at most federal sites except those that require a “hard pass.” Sites requiring a hard pass are the White House, the Pentagon, the Treasury Department, and the State Department, all being under more stringent allotments. So it is actually not under the burden of the Tax Court to provide or administer press passes. In Washington DC it is the burden of the U.S. Senate to provide and administer press passes (it conains a tracking chip, by the way.) Upon application to the U.S. Tax Court to cover proceedings, this press pass number would be provided (and in theory, your hometown NYC PD press credential might, I say might, achieve the same ends,) But the gold standard is the Senate pass. Although the credential is for both the House and the Senate and the entire capitol hill complex (and required for day passes at the State Department,) it is merely expedited by the Senate and promulgated through the offices of the Seargent at Arms located at SD-38 of the Dirksen Building. Call me crazy, but that’s how I’ve done it succesfully now for over twenty years of my thirty year career in journalism.


  2. Mr Savoy, thank you.


  3. Unfortunately, when I applied to the Senate Gallery, I was told that I had to be resident in DC to qualify for the pass. As I am not able to relocate at this time, I suppose I must remain depressed.


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