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It was “imitation,” at least in my younger day, that was the sincerest form of flattery. But the internet changed all that, as it changed so many things, “Some forever not for better/Some have gone and some remain” as an immortal put it.

I’m sure John welcomed Tom into the poets’ corner of Heaven.

Meantime, I return my gaze from heaven to earth.

It seems now that theft is the sincerest form of flattery.

My blogpost “He Lied – So What?” 9/29/17 was stolen by one who calls him/her/itself “Milo,” styled a “well-known member” of some website called

I guess its name tells the story. Alleys are usually places where thieves hang out and people get mugged.

“Milo” might at least have credited me, before lifting my blogpost bodily without even erasing the links to this my blog or removing my Taishoff “Oh Please” which I awarded to Judge Holmes.

“Milo,” if you’re going to steal, do it right. I can’t bear to be robbed by an incompetent, sloppy thief.

Oh, I know. 17USC§411 prohibits any action in respect of a work when it hasn’t been registered and the fee paid. And none of my blogposts is copyrighted, because I am not paying the fees, and anyway, I can’t copyright my extensive quotes from caselaw.

But I can call out thieves, and I will.

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