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Older readers of the New Yorker magazine will remember Saul Steinberg’s immortal drawing of the New Yorker’s vision of America, where there was nothing between NYC and SF, except maybe Chicago and Kansas.

Well, even though she’s a native of the Old Line State, she’s still a Right Coaster, so Ch J L Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel can’t be bothered with those flyovers.

Here’s Karen Spenningsby, Docket No. 13699-17, filed 7/5/17, and her trusty attorney, whom I’ll hereinafter designate as “Chris the K.”

Chris the K hangs out in Fargo. Chris the K files a petition for Karen and asks for place of trial down the road in Bismarck.

But apparently Karen’s case is a nonstarter for small-claimer status, so Ch J Iron Fist suggests trial elsewhere.

Only she does it thus: “…the Court lodged a Request for Place of Trial which improperly seeks to Bismarck, North Dakota, as the requested place of trial in this case. The Court’s records reflect that this case is being conducted under the Court’s regular tax case procedures, and not the small tax case procedures. Only cases conducted under the Court’s small tax case procedures may be tried in Wichita, Kansas.” Order, at p. 1.

Wichita, Bismarck, who cares? Everything west of the Hudson is Kansas.


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