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At odd intervals, I get correspondence from litigants and participants asking me to redact information that appeared in the orders, opinions and decisions I blog.  Section 7461 says everything is public unless the Court otherwise orders. Few be the exceptions.

So removing something from this blog removes nothing from public view; it’s still all on the internet via

But there is a remedy for the shy, and Bradley Birkenfeld, Docket No. 9896-17W, filed 6/29/17, will show you shy people how it’s done.

Actually, it seems that his trusty attorney, to whom I’ll herein refer as DZ, has the right stuff.

Here’s Ch J L Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel to tell y’all all about it.

Pursuant to Rule 27(d), “petitioner’s Motion for Protective Order and To Seal Reference List…is granted in that petitioner’s State of residence and mailing address are sealed.” Order, at p. 1.

And there’s even a sixty-day out for an inadvertent lapse in Rule 27(h).

So, all shy people, bang out your Rule 27 motion to seal, and ship it in with your petition, place of trial and check for the sixty bucks. And tell ‘em Brad and DZ sent you.

  1. […] Taishoff includes the names.  By odd coincidence, yesterday Mr. Taishoff had a piece on how to keep some of your personal information out of the Tax Court […]


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