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No, this is neither about tax forms nor about elections. Once again Ch J L. Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel enlightens us about returning the sixty buck ticket to justice when the petitioner sends money but no papers.

On a day with no opinions or designated orders, the resolute blogger is reduced to sifting through clerical busywork to find blogfodder.

So here’s Travis Strable & Elana Strable, Docket No. 24933-15, filed 10/18/16.

The Strables started with correspondence (minus check) from an unadmitted person. Ch J Iron Fist treated that as a defective petition, to keep the Strables in the hunt, but told them to put up and cough up.

They didn’t, so they got bounced.

Almost a month later, the Strables sent in their sixty bucks, but nothing else.

I’ll let Ch J Iron Fist take it from there.

“Accordingly, the Court by Order…filed the envelope in which petitioners’ check was received as a Motion To Vacate as of the…date of receipt, and afforded petitioners a final opportunity…to file an Amended Petition.” Order, at p.1.

Ch J Iron Fist also told the Strables if they didn’t file “hard copy” manually signed by them and not some unadmitted dude (whether said dude was attorney-in-fact or not, as Tax Court doesn’t take POAs) by the cutoff date, the bounce would not be vacated.

The Strables send nothing.

Ch J Iron Fist tells the Clerk of the Court to mail back the check (apparently sans envelope) to the Strables, with a copy of the order to the unadmitted.

I don’t know if this clarifies when you get your check back from Tax Court, but I’ll keep following this, when there’s nothing more interesting to follow.

I was up on The Hill Far Above last Saturday, and promised the Legal Information Institute of the Cornell University Law School I’d give them a plug on this blog. I did get a very good lunch, so I felt expansive. When I want a quick research tool for Code and Regs, it’s my go-to place. Take a quick peek, as the e-discoverers say, and send ‘em a few bucks.

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