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Once again it’s the petitioner who gets the advice abovequoted from George Kelly’s 1924 play The Show-Off. The order is Jeffrey B. Tanner & Lauralea J. Tanner, Docket No. 9360-16S, filed 6/20/16, but Jeff & Lauralea are featured players; the lead is played by their attorney, whom I shall hereinafter designate as NDR.

NDR scrawled his name at the foot of the petition, but didn’t print his name or provide his info as provided on Form 2. Note- Ch J L. Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel doesn’t specify whether NDR used Form 2 or a custom form.

Whatever it was, Jeff & Lauralea didn’t sign it, so the petition was docketed as deficient. Back in April, then-Ch J Michael B (“Iron Mike”) Thornton ordered Jeff & Lauralea to ratify the petition.

They don’t, but NDR jumps into the fray with an Entry of Appearance.

Now constant readers of this my blog (a poor thing, but mine own) know that an Entry of Appearance filed after a pro se or defective petition doesn’t cure the petition. See my blogpost “First Things First,” 2/18/16.

I won’t weary my readers, that small but astute band, by reciting again what Ch J Iron Mike said, and I blogged, back in February. Ch J Iron Fist says the same thing.

Jeff & Lauralea need to ratify their own selves. And Ch J Iron Fist attaches a ratification form, all filled in, for Jeff & Lauralea to sign. Then NDR can go to work.

Now the rest of this blogpost is guesswork, so maybe NDR might see this and tell the actual story, if it isn’t privileged. But my guess is that Jeff & Lauralea came racing, breathless, into NDR’s office at 4:45 p.m. on Day 90, SNOD in hand. NDR grabbed his keyboard, dummied a caption, filled in Jeff’s & Lauralea’s names, SSANs and address, wrote “object to everything,” printed it out and scrawled his name (in blue ink). He grabbed an envelope, stuffing in a copy of the SNOD, and ran to the post office downstairs, scrawling in 400 Second St NW, 20217 as he ran. He just got the postmark on the envelope as the clerk was shutting the window.

And he hoped he had beaten the clock.

Suggestion (or rather, practice hint): Have a form of Tax Court petition, with your contact info, name, rank and serial number filled in, on your desktop (and in your smartphone, if you use one of those contraptions). Have a couple preaddressed envelopes (hi, Judge Holmes) handy. Then when the fleet-footed clients come charging in as curfew strikes, you’ll be ready for them.

  1. Holmes, not Homes.


  2. Thank you, Mr Savoy.


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