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Ch J L. Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel swings into action as she begins her second week of Chieftainship, by complying with last year’s Congressional mandate, found in Section 431 of the Revenue Act of 2015, s/a/k/a Protecting Americans From Tax Hikes.

I propose a new enactment, to be entitled protecting Americans from cutesy acronyms. Good luck with that.

And she barely beats the 180-day deadline found in said statute.

I did mention the mandate in my blogpost “Cornpone – Redivivus,” 12/21/15.

The new Rules seem like a lot of wind-up for very little baseball. It’s not very likely we’ll see anything coming out of Tax Court’s special committees. Much of the new Rules are echoes of existing statutes and judicial codes generally.

Howbeit, here are rules for complaints about Judges and STJs.

No rounders need apply; if you lost, that’s no grounds for complaining under these Rules.


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