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No, I am not going to discuss recent decisions from the Supremes, that is to say, not on this blog. My personal political views are well-expressed elsewhere, so no philippics, polemics or preaching here.

It’s bad so far today, and getting worse, for Mark T. Obermeyer, Docket No. 2626-15, filed 6/26/15, as STJ Lewis (“The Name That Sings in My Heart”) Carluzzo bounces Mark’s petition for a Rule 34(b) failure to state a claim.

Mark’s upset about the 10% youth chop on his retirement fund drawdown, and his disallowed student loan interest deduction.

OK, but why should either thereof be overturned?

Well, Mark has a rant, but no reasons: “…he disagrees with the IRS determination because of: (1) in light of the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, he needs a bailout himself; (2) alleged discrimination against conservatives and others who regularly pay their taxes; and (3) alleged IRS misconduct (a) in paying bonuses to IRS employees who failed to pay their taxes, (b) in not properly administering tax credit programs used by others, and (c) wasting money in making certain Obama Care payments.” Order, at p. 1.

Mark, I feel your pain, as a certain ex-President remarked. Maybe you should run for Congress. But Tax Court is not the place to start.

And see my blogpost “Add A Zero,” 6/26/15. An $8800 hit may be a lot worse for you than for some of my readers.

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