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Those of us old enough to remember the young Olivia Newton-John and the even younger John Travolta in the summer nights of 1978 will remember the recurrent lyric “tell me more, tell me more.”

Well, today I’m directing those words to Judge Mary Ann Cohen, who has tantalized me with an order in a case I’ve blogged twice, Jason Chai, Docket No. 18330-09, filed 4/17/15.

You remember Jason and his erstwhile pal and Harvard buddy Andy Beer. What, you don’t? How fleeting is fame, A. Warhol to the contrary notwithstanding.

See my blogposts “‘The Silt We Stir’”, 2/13/15, and “The Front”, 3/12/15. There now, recollection refreshed? Great, so let’s go.

Here’s the whole story.

“On March 4, 2015, respondent’s Motion for Reconsideration of Order was filed. Petitioner’s Response to Motion for Reconsideration of Order Dated February 13, 2015 was filed April 14, 2015. Upon due consideration and for cause, it is hereby

“ORDERED that respondent’s Motion for Reconsideration of Order filed March 4, 2015, is denied.” Order, at p. 1.

As my beloved grandmother would have said “From this you make a whole Shabbos?” Note, all the astonishment and feigned disappointment is in the rising inflection as the sentence nears its end.

Well, what did IRS want to have reconsidered? And why did Jason object? Or must we stay forever in the dark?

I know orders aren’t precedent; can’t be cited as authority; are accorded less weight than a pinfeather on the Moon; but they tell us how the Court reasons, shows us pitfalls and maybe a path through the quagmire. And that’s why I read them.

So Judges, tell us more. Please.


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