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The baseball season may be drawing to a close as I quote these words from E. L. Thayer’s immortal paean to what G. H. Ruth called “the only real game”, but the Tax Season is just beginning, with on-extension corporate returns due Monday.

And John (“Kosi”) Koskinen’s gang are revving up the Annual Filing Season Program, the volunteer replacement for the now-defunct RTRP (pronounced “retrep”, accent on first syllable) program, notwithstanding the lawsuit hereinafter more particularly bounded and described.

Anent the which, see my blogpost “Open Season”, 7/18/14.

Of course, the CPAs who are suing to blast AFSP (pronounced “afsip”, accent again on the first syllable) are nowise behindhand, as they are also suing, I’m told, to block the sixty-buck PTIN fee.

If you’re interested in AFSP, here’s a link:

As for the PTIN litigation, I’m as cheap as anybody, so if I can save the sixty bucks I’m all for it.

But if they’re unhappy with IRS reaching into their pockets, they might ask Congress to think about regulating preparers, not just attorneys-at-law, CPAs, EAs, EActs and ERPAs. And imposing a modest user fee.

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