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We’ve a wee bit more than three weeks to go before the twelfth of August, the traditional start of the UK grouse-hunting season for would-be successors to the Pallisers, Lord Peter Wimsey, and other Masterpiece Theatre wannabes. But the IRS-hunting season is in full swing, with the hunters out on the tax moors and loaded up.

Two days ago it was Circular 230 §10.27(b) in the crosshairs, with Judge Cooper of USDCDC bringing it down. See my blogpost “It’s Contingent? Great!”, 7/17/14.

Now there just flopped into my e-inbox some hour-and-a-half ago a missive from something called “The Progressive Accountant”, claiming that AICPA has filed, or will file, suit against Big John Koskinen and his minions, seeking to blast the voluntary preparers’ program from the skies over Taxland.

Apparently the gravamen (that’s two-yacht lawyer talk for “gist” or “essence”) of the suit is that Big John’s “voluntary” program for preparers is an end-run around the sacred preserve of Loving, which leaves forever free from the toils and trammels of Circular 230 everything and everyone taxic short of an actual audit or lawsuit.

See my blogpost “That’s Right, Tom; A Volunteer’s Worth Two Pressed Men”, 6/27/14. Apparently the high command at AICPA is afraid Big John’s vultures are a-skulking round the tax preparers’ nests, waiting their chance to swoop down.

Stay tuned; this should yield a good bag of grouse and grousing.

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