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IRS Com’r John (“Kosi”) Koskinen’s ringing endorsement of the Whistleblower Program, dated 8/20/14:

Click to access Koskinen%20whistleblower%20statement%20-%20version%20082014%20(2).pdf

With an “amen” from Deputy Dalrymple:

Click to access IRS%20Whistleblower%20Program%20Memorandum%20(signed%20by%20DCSE).pdf

Comment is superfluous.

Note, you may have to cut and paste the URL for Dalrymple and add the “f” after “pd”, as the wordprocessor for this blog doesn’t seem to assimilate the URL.

  1. There’s nothing useful to be said about Koskinen’s platitudes. They’re nice.

    And to each of Dalrymple’s assertions, for the sake of accuracy, simply add at the end of each “…NOT.”

    Bob Jacobson
    Whistleblower pro se
    Jacobson v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
    USTC Docket No. 8447-13W


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