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Thus spake Captain Frederick Marryat, R. N., in his 1834 novel Jacob Faithful,  and no, I haven’t read it either. But IRS boss John Koskinen took the words out of Fred’s book, because he now proclaims a new volunteer tax prep course for the unregistered, now that D. C. Circuit disarmed his predecessor’s pressgang.

Here’s the scoop for you soon-to-be volunteers.

“About 60 percent of paid tax return preparers in the U.S. operate without regulation or oversight. Although many of them do a good job, we have found that others are poorly equipped to assist taxpayers in preparing returns.

“For that reason, the IRS had started a mandatory program of education and testing for unregulated tax return preparers who did not have professional credentials. But we had to suspend that program because the courts ruled that we didn’t have the legal authority to require education and testing. So we’re launching a voluntary program as a temporary substitute. It’s called the Annual Filing Season Program.

“I say ‘temporary’ because we have been urging Congress to enact a proposal in the President’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget that would give us the authority for mandatory oversight of return preparers. This voluntary program is not the ideal solution. But until legislation is enacted, we still have a responsibility to taxpayers and to our tax system to keep moving forward with our efforts to improve service to taxpayers.”

The ganze geschichte, as my beloved Grandma would have said, can be found at:

So come on, me bould volunteers!


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