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I don’t get a lot of snail mail. Other than junk, I mean, or pleas from the charities to which I donate modestly. I get the usual political e-mail bombardment. I participate on professional listservs, and co-manage a tax group on LinkedIn, so there’s e-stuff flying about. But not a great deal of paper.

I must mention the odd check, of course; thanks, guys, much appreciated.

Lo and behold, as a late colleague was wont to remark, I got a phonecall a few days ago from a former blogee. And today the postie dropped off two copies of what purports to be a petition for a writ of certiorari directed to the Supremes, apparently to review a Seventh Circuit decision of which I had been unaware, but which I have turned up just now. Here it is: Docket Nos. 12-2574 and 12-2575, decided 7/25/13.

I won’t opine on the blogee’s chances. Her story is fact-specific, and I’ll let  the Supremes deal with it for now. If, as and when that Honorable Court issues an opinion or decision or order, and same is brought to my attention (I have enough to do without scouting round the Circuits, much less the Supremes; the trade press and blogosphere do that well enough), I’ll post a blog on it, if any of the foregoing is materially instructive.

The petitioner-blogee? Carol Diane Gray, whose stories I told in my blogposts “Too Late But Still Timely”, 3/28/12, and “Too Late and Not Timely”, 4/25/13.

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