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I know my readers were waiting, breathless, on his fate, so break out the champagne for John Schmittdiel, Esq. He passed the Tax Court Admission exam.

No, not the biennial horror designed to weed out 92%+ of those with the temerity to venture where only lawyers, admitted to practice before the highest court in any State, territory, possession or commonwealth belonging to or appurtenant to the US of A, may tread. This was Judge James S. Halpern’s mini-exam, which I blogged under the heading “Tax Court Admission Exam”, 9/6/13.

Judge Halpern unloaded on poor John, IRS attorney, when he failed to object to John Foran’s A.K.A. Arthur J. Maurello’s motion for summary judgment in the case of Stephanie Lynn Christie A.K.A. Stephanie Lynn Foran, Docket No. 24515-12S, back in September.

Read my blogpost for the questions. Then try answering them. It’s a hoot. And no, the answers aren’t available on-line.

But apparently John passed with flying colors, because Ch J Michael B. (“Iron Mike”) Thornton has relieved Judge Halpern of the case, leaving him only the clean-up task of resolving John’s A.K.A. Arthur’s motion for summary judgment.

Oh yes, and trial will be held in Aberdeen, SD. See my blogpost “Delay of the Game”, 7/12/13.

You can read all about it in Stephanie Lynn Christie A.K.A. Stephanie Lynn Foran, Petitioner And John Foran A.K.A. Arthur J. Maurello, Intervenor, Docket No. 24515-12S, filed 1/9/14.


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