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Recovered from the New York State Bar Association Tax Section Summer Meeting, I can say that, while the sessions provided much information, the information provided was hardly the stuff of which this blog is made.

I’ve said before, I’m writing for the practitioner in the trenches, the man or woman who prepares returns, advises clients other than Fortune 500 multinationals and who has to deal with the day-to-day issues, what one might call the ” small change” of Federal income, estate and gift taxation.

If,  per contra (as those who went to expensive law schools might say), one has to advise on the capitalization of a  subsidiary of a US multinational, or deal with seven-tier partnership structures, then clearly this meeting was for you. Some of the simple cases I blogged were examined in exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting) detail by professors and partners in major law firms.

Fascinating, yes. A glimpse from the foothills at the mountaintops; or almost dreamlike,  like Mr Roberts gazing at the mighty task force from the bridge of his rustbucket supply ship, going once more from Tedium to Apathy.

But of no use to the ordinary practitioner, I fear.

There are taxes and then there are taxes.



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