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2021 was the year of the Great Petition Tsunami. I thought the highwater mark was reached at Docket No. 35423-21 (see my blogpost thus entitled, 1/3/22), but I was wrong, as the hardlaboring intake clerks and flailing date stampers were laboring and flailing well into the new year with the overburden.

But imagine my astonishment as I discover a remaining trickle generated by Ch J Kathleen (“TBS = The Big Shillelagh”) Kerrigan, as she crafts another docket number for 2021, 468 (count ’em, 468) days after the calendar year 2021 had ended.

Keith M. Phillips, Docket No. 5854-21P, filed 4/13/23, is fighting about a seriously delinquent tax debt that locks up his passport per Section 7345. But Keith threw into the mix a SNOD, so his petition was one-size-fits-both, which offends Ch J TBS’ sense of order.

So Keith gets a new Docket for the SNOD, and keeps the old for the passport. Since his petition was filed in the 2021 tsunami, he gets the 21 suffix for the SNOD, as docket No. 37955-21 takes the lead as last of the tsunami.

Best of all, no filing fee for the new docket.

Will the adventure continue? Watch this space.


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