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I had thought that Mandy Mobley Li, 22 F.4th 1014 (DC Cir, 2022), had put paid to any attempt at Section 7623 whistleblowing; all the Ogden Sunseteers needed to do was say “got no cash,” and the blower was done.

But the hardcore blowers, however battered and belittled by Chief Whistler John W. (“Hoppin’ John”) Hinman’s myrmidons, persist. And a leader of the pack is Suzanne Jean McCrory, Docket No. 12264-21W, filed 1/10/23.

It’s only a Standing Pretrial Order (SPTO), one of the ninety-eight (count ’em, ninety-eight) issued today by Judge Courtney D. (“CD”) Jones. But it’s the only whistleblower case in the bunch. And I’m prepared to wager at least a couple ales (hi, Judge Holmes) in Jake’s Saloon that this one actually goes to trial, unlike the vast majority of the hundreds of SPTOs issued today.

I’m surprised IRS didn’t seek summary J, but I haven’t seen the petition and answer (and can’t, as ex-Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley sealed the whole shebang last September). So who knows what the story might be.

Hurray for the hardcore blowers, who give me blogfodder on a day when Tax Court issues 574 (count ’em, 574) orders, no opinions, and only Suzanne Jean giving me anything worth reporting.

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