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Generally (love that word!), anonymous petitioners filed redacted versions of their petitions and ancillary documents for public viewing. Rare indeed is the petitioner who is exempted from this requirement. Today, however, Whistleblower 35912-21W, filed 12/23/22, seeks and is granted exemption. Not even a single line will be seen except upon an explicit order of the Court.

Why? As usual, Ch J. Kathleen (“TBS = The Big Shillelagh”) ordered 35912-21W to file the redacted documents at the outset.

“… petitioner filed a Letter Regarding Redacted Documents, in which he indicates that because the unredacted Petition and Motion to Proceed Anonymously were handwritten, even redacted versions of those documents would be a means to identify petitioner.” Order, at p. 1.

Ch J TBS Kerrigan treats the letter as a motion, IRS doesn’t object, so 35912-21W stays hidden.

Once again, whistleblowing can be hazardous to your health. See my blogpost “The Whistleblower Blown Up,” 5/20/14.


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