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And Take Suzanne Jean With You

I am sure Judge Nega is too well-bred to frame his order in Suzanne Jean McCrory, Docket No. 3443-18W, filed 12/20/22, in such terms.

But the effect of said order is exactly that, as Judge Nega chronicles the end of the road for Mandy Mobley Li, the highly-credentialed blower who blew any hope for judicial review of an Ogden Sunseteer no-cash shootdown, however arbitrary or capricious John W. (“Hoppin’ John”) Hinman’s myrmidons might have been.

Suzanne Jean, ex-GAO auditor, is a serial blower whose activities have provided much blogfodder. She had been tossed on Li grounds back in July, but played the certiorari gambit, and got reinstated per Section 7481. Incidentally, Suzanne Jean played the same gambit in another blow back in October before Judge Elizabeth A. (“Tex”) Copeland; see my blogpost “‘No’ Deid Yet’ – Part Deux,” 10/1/22.

Well, Judge Nega delivers the coup de grace.

“By order issued October 31, 2022, the Supreme Court denied the whistleblower’s petition for a writ of certiorari in Li. A review of the Supreme Court docket in Li reflects that a petition for rehearing of the order denying the writ of certiorari has not been docketed, as of the date of this Order. See U.S. Sup. Ct. Rule 44(2) (providing that such a petition must be filed ‘within 25 days after the date of the order of denial’). Order, at p. 2.

Judge Tex Copeland, please copy.

So march out, Mandy Mobley, and take Suzanne Jean with you.


Hey Supremes, you’ve furnished us all with some wild and crazy decisions this year. How ’bout finishing up with a wee bit equitable tolling?


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