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Too late, alas, is Judge Morrison to exhume the dockets that were sealed by the DAWSON debacle (I mean rollout). That has since been fixed, but Judge Morrison shows us the way to bring ’em back alive in Charles G. Berwind Trust for David M. Berwind, David M.  Berwind, D. Michael Berwind, Jr.; Gail B. Warden, Linda B.  Shappy and Valerie L. Pawson, Trustees, et al., Docket No. 21268-08, filed 11//3/22.

It seems there was litigation by and among the petitioners in USDCEDPA, followed by an appeal to 3 Cir. twenty-some years ago.

The parties stiped that the 3 Cir’s disposition of the case was reported. But the relevant page in Federal Reporter Third Series is only a list of decisions without published opinions.

“These documents are apparently unobtainable on Lexis, Westlaw, or Pacer.” Order, at p. 2.

The Genius Baristas would be proud.

Judge Morrison, being “Inclined to take notice” of the facts of said documents, sends the hardlaboring clerks from the Glasshouse to the Keystone State to bring copies of decision, opinion, and remand directly from their opposite numbers in USDCEDPA and 3 Cir. And sets the same forth at length.

He wants to give petitioners and IRS a chance to comment before he takes judicial notice. Since FRE 201(e) lets parties have a hearing on request on the propriety of such judicial notice, any party objecting to such inclination can “file a memorandum, not to exceed fives [sic] pages, on why the Court should not take judicial notice of the above-referenced facts.” Order, at p. 2.

Unfortunately, when the new, improved (don’t get me started) jim-handy DAWSON website obliterated years of orders, opinions, and decisions because one (count it, one) document in the docket had been sealed, no Judge or STJ took judicial notice of the entire docket, and set every unsealed document forth at length.

I hope it wouldn’t be considered unseemly if I were to award Judge Morrison a Taishoff “Good Job.”


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