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I see where Chief Whistler John (“Hoppin’ John”) Hinman is thrilled to bits as he caps off thirty-nine (count ’em, thirty-nine) years at IRS by taking the Captain’s chair at the Ogden Sunset Palace.

But Hoppin’ John’s paean to his new command rings wee bit hollow to this somewhat jaded observer. “My office ensures that award claims are reviewed by the appropriate IRS business unit, determines whether an award should be paid and the percentage of any award, and ensures that approved awards are paid.” Ibid., as my expensive colleagues say.

Ya wanna bet a few pence on that one, boss? I got ya covered.

Looks like Hoppin’ John never read Mandy Mobley Li, No. 20-1245, 1/11/22. As far as DC Cir is concerned, Hoppin’ John’s hopping crew need do nothing for nothing, and no court can review their nonfeasance.

Let’s see just how zealously Hoppin’ John’s hopping crew actually reviews claims and moves them to collection and award.


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