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Today, for the first time, a single intrepid internet voyager has found his/her way to this my blog from the archipelagic Republic of the Maldives, which lies astride the Equator in the Indian Ocean, and whose total land mass is a trifle more than double that of the Minor Outlying Island off the Coast of North America whereon I reside.

My source tells me that the Republic encompasses some 35,000 sq. mi. of ocean, but only some 115 sq. mi. of land, no natural part of which is more than 5.1 metres above Mean Sea Level. The Republic’s population is some 560,000 persons.

Now the same source tells me that The Plurinational State of Bolivia, to which nation-state this my blog is terra incognita, has no sea at all, but does comprise 424,161 sq. mi. of territory, all to the south of the Equator. Its highest natural point is at 6,462 metres above MSL.

So how is it that none of the eleven-and-one-half millions (count ’em, eleven-and-one-half millions) of the inhabitants of The Plurinational State has yet paid this my blog even a single visit?

Get with it, Bolivia.


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