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While my nearest and dearest, and colleagues, are generous to me this happy season, I received today a Christmas Present from absolute strangers, who, I am sure, are utterly unaware of my existence. I am sure I never knew of theirs, either, before today.

But please accept my very best thanks, Sara Elizabeth Schweigert & Marcus Schweigert, Docket No. 35000-21, served 12/23/21*.

You made my day. Back on 8/30/21, I prophesied “Might it not be reckless speculation to suggest the number of petitions filed might approach, if not exceed, 35,000 total for calendar 2021?”

See my blogpost “Surge Update,” 8/30/21.

And best holiday wishes to all, readers and non-readers alike.


  1. Not quite to 35k with that one. The count starts at 101


  2. Apparently it’s not their first year-end rodeo, if the 2014 case filed December 22 of that year involves the same Virginia couple. That one was 30288-14S, so we’re not that far ahead of a previous year. It was settled by stipulation with an order signed by Judge Thornton on March 15, 2015, after they complied with the order to pay the filing fee.

    The 2014 case was served about three weeks later, on January 12. The present case was served more than five weeks after it was filed on November 16.

    It would have been more in keeping with the Christmas season if the prized case number had been gifted to the Apostolic Faith Mission of Portland, OR. But they were assigned 35010-21 for their 30-page petition filed November 12, four days before that of the Schweigerts.


  3. It’s truly gratifying to watch how closely the Race to 35,000 is being followed by my readers. It may be that there are office pools, or even overseas bookmakers, with breathtaking stakes, wagering on the final number. Right now, at at 7:30 p.m., EST, Christopher Michael Benoit holds Docket No. 35056-21S. So my August 30 prediction of 35,000 petitions is still very much in the money. Stay tuned next week, as the petitioners come round the far turn into the stretch.


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