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Douglas Leon Schnitzspahn, Docket No. 8477-20S, filed 12/17/21*, may have lost his “S” today, as his docket number now is 8477-20 tout court, but the typos in his losing former small-claimer remain.

See my blogpost “‘F’ For Effort,” 10/20/21.

Now if that which was formerly a small case becomes a regular case by virtue of an opinion (no decision yet, as a Rule 155 beancount is pending), do regular case rules apply to the Rule 155 beancount?

Awaiting the trials in the 2021 petition tsunami (34,326 and counting as at 2:30 p.m., EDT, 12/17/21).

*Douglas Leon Schnitzspahn Docket No 8477-20 12 17 21


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