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Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley joins in the words of Nobel Laureate R. A. Zimmerman’s 1967 chanson, as he announces “…today that order search is now available in the DAWSON case management system. In addition to being able to search for orders by case name or docket number, the public may search for orders by keyword or phrase, by judge, or by date range. ‘Today’s Orders’ will continue to be available on the Tax Court website.”

Here’s the gladsome news.

So the Genius Baristas and the 18Fs (if they’re still on-scene) have joined the Isaiah 9:2 brigade.

Now, my merry readers, join with me in the words of the Project Farmer of “We’re gonna test that!”

In the best (??) traditions of DAWSON, if one document in a docket extending ten (count ’em, ten) years is sealed (even without a Rule 27 or Rule 103 order), the entire docket is sealed, so forget searching by name or number or anything else.

Ah, DAWSON, what sins are committed in thy name!


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