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(Sorry, Guys)

Our Ancient Foe made me do it.

Happily, it seems that Mark Betz & Christine Betz, et al., Docket No. 21587-18, filed 12/13/21*, and IRS have both of them given over the discovery razzmatazz that so upset Judge Nega back in February.

The bases for Judge Nega’s lament are more particularly bounded and described in my blogpost “CLE Has Much to Answer For – Part Deux,” 2/3/21. But the intervening ten (count ’em, ten) months have apparently stilled the waters and chilled the beeves to the extent that a bushebasketful of discovery-related motions can all be dismissed as moot today.

A great holiday present for a hardworking Judge.

*Mark Betz Docket No. 21587 18 12 13 21


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