“The ability to search Court Orders in DAWSON is coming soon.”

In Uncategorized on 11/19/2021 at 16:06

Thus saith the Tax Court website; and had saith it thus for over a year. I expect the Genius Baristas’ definition of “soon”  involves geologic terms.

The point I was going to make involved an off-the-bencher yesterday that I didn’t blog, as the Golden Legend of the McNultys (see my blogpost “The One Who Has the Gold,” 11/18/21) occupied all my time. I’ve forgotten the name of the petitioner in the omitted case, but it was the usual basis-in-labor, Section 3401 frivolity.

I was going to put it up today, as nothing is going on in Tax Court on Friday a week before Thanksgiving and Black Friday. You know, the day President Lincoln proclaimed as a fast.

But the ability to search opinions and orders is not yet, other than those issued today.

So I won’t have another example of one who is happy to enjoy the benefits of living in this country without paying for it. In fact, I’m rather tired of chronicling deadbeats and Welfare Queens, and disciples of dodgefloggers.

Varying my comment on 11/11/21, some gave little, some gave much, some gave all…but nobody has the right to give nothing.

  1. Mr. Taishoff,
    I am in total agreement with today’s commentary.
    John K


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