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When I was growing up, many many years ago, there were words and there was inflection, and the greater of these was inflection. Depending on tone of voice, or rise or fall of pitch, words could convey a variety and complexity that print cannot match. I much regret that we do not have sound recordings of famous personages long ago actually saying some of the most famous words history ascribes to them; the meanings we now take from these words might differ entirely from what the speakers meant.

Hence the title of today’s post should be read as if one heard a rising inflection; more as a question than a declaration.

I was going to lament how few visitors find their way to this my blog, and those few viewed, on average over the last five-and-one- half years, only 2.7 of my posts. But when I stumbled today upon the website of an outfit called (whoever they may be), I was much heartened.

Despite its infamous grammar, made my day.

“ traffic volume is 648 unique daily visitors and their 1,945 pageviews. The web value rate of is 35,150 USD. Each visitor makes around 3.21 page views on average.

“By Alexa’s traffic estimates placed at 48,363 position over the world, while the largest amount of its visitors comes from United States, where it takes 92,396 place.”

True, I average a mere 33 visitors, and 89 views, per day. But to lag behind the Mighty DAWSON’s Creek by a minuscule 0.51 page views per visitor per day is quite an accomplishment, for one with no Genius Baristas or 18Fs to aid him.

And also true, my site is unrated as to money, although these anonymous savants at claim “(I)n accordance with Google Safe Browsing and Symantec is pretty a safe domain.”

I forgive them their syntactical atrocities.


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