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I’d missed the civil fraud aspects of Buckelew Farm, LLC f.k.a. Big K Farms LLC, Big K LLC, Tax Matters Partner, Docket No. 14273-17, filed 10/28/21*. Apparently the 75% chop is on the table, but today’s order just has to do with an attorney’s attempt to bow out, to which both IRS and The Big K object, reasons unstated.

It’s another of the Georgia conservation easements, a growth industry. Judge Christian N. (“Speedy”) Weiler just wants IRS and The Big K to tell him why they want the attorney kept in. The case isn’t set for trial.

It seems a couple prior attorneys (hi, Judge Holmes) have heretofore bailed without objection.

Now the bailor seems to be second on the roster of a well-known Atlanta tax firm, and has been on board in this case upwards of two years.

I wonder what’s going on. When I see attorneys rotating in and out of a case, there’s usually copy in the ins and outs. Of course, privilege may apply. Nevertheless, I have reached out for comment; if I get any for publication, I will publish same.

*Buckelew Farms Docket No 14273-17 10 28 21


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