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Just yesterday I noted that the Tax Court “public website,” whereon was to be found inter alia (as my already-on-their second Grey-Goose-G&T colleagues would say) the Request for Quotes which gave birth to DAWSON, had been obliterated. See my blogpost “Call and Response,” 8/5/21.

So it was. Except.

While the “public website” may be gone, the document itself isn’t. Check this out.

A source advises me that, at the advent of DAWSON, the entire database of the now-obliterated “public website,” namely, viz, and to wit, over a terabyte of data – nearly a million cases going back to the 1970s – from the now-extinct site, marched dry-shod, in an online Exodus, to the Promised Cyberland system quickly and accurately, the electrons parting to their left and to their right, whereupon the old “public website” was swallowed up.

Now that this event is eight months past, when will we see this treasure-trove released in searchable format, so that we can access it for research?

Btw, you can buy a pocket-sized harddrive that holds a terabyte of data from any of a number of reliable vendors for less than a Benjamin. So what’s the holdup?


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