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I note that Tax Court website announces today that the website guidance for self-representeds (pro ses) is now available as a PDF download. While this is doubtless a help, I fear it is just an addition to the “those who need it won’t read it, and those who read it don’t need it” file jacket.

Nevertheless, I breezed through it, and found this entry at p. 10 thereof: “You may also file a petition electronically. Efiled petitions will be submitted electronically through the DAWSON case management system.”

And the Case-Related Forms page likewise lists Form 2 (the simplified petition) and its pendant forms (Forms 4 and 5) as Efilable.

Moreover, today’s orders feature the usual plethora of “File an Amended Petition”, but none seems to require paper filing.

Can it be that Rule 34(a)(1), as amended 11/30/18, has been finally implemented?

I echo words from a much more exalted personage even than Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley: “Can any good thing come out of DAWSON?”

Edited to add, 8/2/21: Maybe I spoke (or wrote) too soon. Check out Fred J. Flanders & Twylla G. Flanders, Docket No. 15804-21, filed 8/2/21. Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley still wants wet ink and paper, notwithstanding the new, improved (ha ha ha), jim-handy DAWSON electronic filing largesse.


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