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I wonder why Ch J. Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley bothers to lecture Roy J. Meidinger, Docket No. 15365-20W, filed 7/22/21, about filing unredacted documents. Under the admittedly flawed, new, improved (oh yeah?), jim-handy DAWSON system, the whole case will be automatically sealed anyway.

So anybody interested, or considering filing a Section 7623 whistleblower petition, had better read Ch J Mighty Mo’s prose today, because it will be gone tomorrow.

And though Roy was here before, back in ’13 (see my blogpost “Another Whistleblower Gets Blown,” 8/30/13), you won’t find that case on DAWSON, because it’s sealed, even though under the old Blackstone system I was able to quote from that order extensively.

Roy didn’t bother to name the target in his latest petition, probably anticipating the Genius Baristas’ immediate seal.


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